Feel better, friend - by learning how to declutter the imperfect way.

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    Are you ready to...

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    stop believing the b.s. that you're "just not cut out for this 'being organized' thing"?

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    find solutions that aren't obsessed with perfection or staged "After" photos?

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    see what a decluttered life can inspire you to think, feel, do, and create?


    "I'm a creative and I feel like Fay is speaking directly to me. She helps you clear your mind and focus on the task at hand. Bet your bottom dollar, this course is a steal."

    -Angie Rubino, Artist + Collector


    "Each section within the course gave me insight on different areas of clutter that I don't even think I realize existed - paper, digital, mental. It all made me dig a little deeper into pieces of my life, organizing them in a way that gave me a sense of peace."

    -Tiffany Dorin, National Sales Manager + Mom
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    A decluttering program for the rest of us.

    NEW ORDER® is a comprehensive, self-paced online course. You'll have a full year to enjoy the videos!

    Many organizing courses focus only on physical space.

    NEW ORDER™ also covers digital clutter, paper, and productivity easy-to-digest lessons that show you how all these areas of life are connected.

    "Well, this course was all that and a bag of chips! Fay makes decluttering casual, low-stress, and cool."

    - Amy Walton-Groome, Leadership Coach + Creative Entrepreneur


    "Fay's sense of humor, gentle presence, enthusiasm, playfulness, and kindness are what allow people to step into an arena of life that may feel overwhelming. You are offering a great service to us all. Thank you!

    -Bonnie Brooks, MSW, Doula, Massage Therapist

    There is a lot in the world right now that is out of your control.

    But there is still so much you CAN control.

    The time to start decluttering is now.

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